Monday, February 25, 2013

Autumn is here

Hi all,

So after the wonderful summer I just had I'm not looking forward to a cool autumn. 2 more days & it's here. To cheer myself, and everyone else, up here are some autumn-inspired things to look forward to.

Earthy Teal and Green Leaf earrings
From one of my shops on Etsy, check out these lovely leaf earrings

Cabana Nights Dress
Not quite ready to put away dresses? You can still wear dresses (in perfect autumn leaf colors) like this amazing Cabana nights dress from modcloth.Red Orchard - Bean Chair
Does this look comfy or does this look comfy?!

thredbo throw
For those chilly nights just add a throw rug.

Autumn footbridge, 4x4 wood cradled birch panel, nature photograph, autumn art, tree art, gift under 25
Artwork to show the true beauty of autumn

Wall Art / Photography / Autumn Print / Autumn Art / Fall Photograph / Bench Photo - Bench With A View
This looks like such a gorgeous place to just sit & relax

Stay warm & cozy in this scarf from Ruche

The perfect cardigan for autumn

Autumn Leaves Cream Pantyhose Tights,Colorful Print Umbrella Leggings, Tattoo Tights, Pantyhose Handmade Printed Tights
Why be bland? Add a bit of fun to your outfit with these cute tights

Photo of Black and White Rubber Boots on Autumn Day - Fine Art Photo Entitled Autumn's Boots - 8 X 12
Practical AND stylish. Love them!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

So materialistic

Hi all,

Here are a few photo's of new things in my life. I'm a very materialistic person so these make me happy haha.

 I bought this outfit for Cirque Du Soleil. The skirt has very small pleats. I absolutely adore the colors together.

New shoes & a new dress from
The dress is more gold than silver when you see it in person.

My parents spoiled me on my birthday with gorgeous blue orchids, a jewellrey cabinet/mirror & a GHD.

These glowing paper cranes were at Floriade Nightfest. Aren't they beautiful?

Some of my beautiful flowers. This snowball tree is my favorite. Unfortunately, it only flowers once a year & doesn't last very long but the flowers are totally worth it.

 Yummy chocolate brownies I had for dessert at a friends birthday dinner.

To leave this on a light note, here is a picture of a bug that chased me through the house last night. I still have no idea what it is, but I'm glad it's dead. Too creepy.


Red dress - Daily Outfit

Hi all,

I just love this red dress so I thought I'd share. I love the fit & the length of the skirt & sleeves is just perfect.

I don't wear these tights nearly enough. They're so cute & suit most outfits.

Everything I'm wearing I bought from Kmart. Gotta love bargain outfits.

Stay tuned for more posts!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spring has sprung

Hey everyone,

Spring is finally here!! It felt like winter would go on forever. Now the flowers are coming out & it's getting warmer so here is my spring-inspired Things I Love.

 Match the sky in this pretty blue dress from Lucy in the Sky

 This photograph is the perfect representation of the streets around my house at the moment. Blossoms everywhere!
 It's all about bright colors this season & these shoes from ModCloth are no exception.

 Why not take spring inside with these pretty vases

 I love scarves but never know how to wear them in spring. Here's my answer.

Make a statement with this bold bracelet.

The colors on this bag are to die for.

Who says wreaths are just for Christmas?

Not hot enough for shorts? Try a feminine maxi skirt like this one from Ruche.

These cookies are just the cutest.

What do you love most about spring?
I think it's the most beautiful & inspiring season of the year. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I will.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm back!

Hi all,

So with a new (office) job I can now post again. Life is good.

Here are a few photo updates & I promise I'll do some of my old regular posts soon.


Ahhh new shoes <3

 I made this cake for Andrews b'day. Not too bad for my first time using sugarpaste!

The view from my window makes it a bit easier to be at work.

I went to a fundraiser called 'Light the Night for Leukemia' to support a friend of mine whose mum had cancer. It was a beautiful event.


Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hey guys,

So Instagram is one of my absolute fav apps at the moment. Here are a couple of new photo's i've added to it. Enjoy!